Xavier F Etoa

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Improving biological nitrogen fixation through legume nodulating bacteria (LNB) inoculation requires knowledge on the abundance and effectiveness of indigenous population in the ferralsols. The Most Probable Number method (MPN) was used to determine the naturally occurring LNB population in 64 representative soils of four sites in the humid forest zone of(More)
A new diterpenoid, 15-angeloyloxy-16,17-epoxy-19-kauronic acid (1), along with five known metabolites, 16-kauren-19-oic acid (2), 6'-hydroxy-2',3',4,4'-tetramethoxychalcone (3), isosakuranetin (4), acacetin (5), and kaempferide (6) was isolated from the organic extracts of the roots of Chromoleana odorata. Their structures were determined by spectroscopic(More)
*Corresponding Author: E-mail: fankemhenri@yahoo.fr Tel: (+237) 699 83 89 69; 671 38 23 56. Phosphate solubilising bacteria (PSB) is an alternative for increasing the availability of accumulated phosphates through solubilisation, enhancing plant growth by increasing the efficiency of biological nitrogen fixation. Phosphate solubilising bacteria from acidic(More)
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