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—Model executability is now a key concern in model-driven engineering, mainly to support early validation and verification (V&V). Some approaches allow to weave executability into metamodels, defining executable domain-specific modeling languages (DSMLs). Model validation can then be achieved by simulation and graphical animation through direct(More)
Modeling software process is a good way to improve development and thus quality of resulting applications. The OMG proposes the SPEM metamodel to describe software processes. Its concepts are described through class diagrams. Unfortunately, it lacks a formal description of its semantics that makes it hard to use. So, we propose a specialization of SPEM that(More)
In the last decade, Model Driven Engineering (MDE) has been used to improve the development of safety critical systems by providing early Validation and Verification (V&V) tools for Domain Specific Modeling Languages (DSML). Verification of behavioral models is mainly addressed by translating domain specific models to formal verification dedicated languages(More)
RHODES is an environment for modelling software processes, in which software processes are described by using a Process Modelling Language called PBOOL+. In this environment, a software process is built from PBOOL+ process components that can be reused to construct other processes. To identify well-formed process components, we study properties to be able(More)