Xavier Cattoën

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Suzuki arylation of enantiopure (4-bromophenyl)- or (3,5-dibromophenyl)glycidyl ethers has been achieved in toluene under Buchwald conditions [ArB(OH)2 (1.1 equiv), Cs2CO3 (2 equiv), Pd2(dba)3.C6H6 (1 mol %), S-Phos (4 mol %), toluene, 100 degrees C] allowing for the formation of modular arylglycidyl ethers not directly available in enantiopure form by(More)
Catalytic amounts of a protic reagent such as tert-butyl alcohol promote the isomerization of a stable amino-aryl-carbene into a transient azomethine ylide. Deprotonation of an alkyl-aldiminium salt also leads to a transient azomethine ylide, but labeling experiments rule out the transient formation of the corresponding amino-alkyl-carbene. The potential(More)
Upon warm up, persistent aminohydrazinocarbenes undergo beta-fragmentation reactions. Experimental as well as computational evidences are reported for the involvement of radical processes. This is the first example of a homolytic fragmentation for a persistent singlet carbene.
-A phenanthridinium salt was prepared in four steps, including an intramolecular CH-arylation and a hydride abstraction reaction. Treatment with sterically demanding bases does not lead to the corresponding carbene, but rather to addition products: the planar-constrained geometry significantly enhances the electrophilicity over the acidity of C-aryl iminium(More)
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