Xavier Brun

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Today, medical simulators are increasingly gaining appeal in clinical settings. In obstetrics childbirth simulators provide a training and research tool for comparing various techniques that use obstetrical instruments or validating new methods. Especially in the case of difficult deliveries, the use of obstetrical instruments-such as forceps, spatulas, and(More)
  • S Laghrouche, M Smaoui, X Brun, F Plestan
  • 2004
— This paper deals with the robust control problem of a pneumatic actuator subjected to parameters uncertainties and load disturbances. The control strategies are based on second order sliding mode approaches. Implementation results of the proposed sliding mode control schemes on an experimental setup are given to illustrate the developments. NOMENCLATURE y(More)
We present a new Mobile Mapping System mounted on a vehicle to reconstruct outdoor environment in real time. The scanning system is based on two sensors, a laser range finder and a camera equipped with a wide-angle fisheye lens. We can produce 3D coloured points or 3D textured triangulated models of the nearby environment of the vehicle. We explain our(More)
This paper presents a control scheme for a multi-level multi-cell converter. For this type of converters, load current and capacitor voltages must be jointly controlled. Moreover the real-time constraint is important. This constraint leads us to propose a control based on a simplified state-space model. The model allows predicting the state vector evolution(More)
  • M Smaoui, X Brun, D Thomasset
  • 2005
— In this paper, a robust differentiator via sliding mode is studied. A comparative study between the robust differentiator and a classical one is presented. Experimental results of the proposed differentiator in the context of third order sliding mode controller for an electropneumatic system are given to illustrate the developments. NOMENCLATURE b viscous(More)