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Urea is the major nitrogen (N) form supplied as fertilizer in agriculture, but it is also an important N metabolite in plants. Urea transport and assimilation were investigated in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). Uptake studies using (15)N-labeled urea demonstrated the capacity of Arabidopsis to absorb urea and that the urea uptake was regulated by the(More)
The industrial use of elicitors as alternative tools for disease control needs the identification of abundant sources of them. We report on an elicitor obtained from the green algae Ulva spp. A fraction containing most exclusively the sulfated polysaccharide known as ulvan-induced expression of a GUS gene placed under the control of a lipoxygenase gene(More)
We report here a new, label-free approach to measure serum protein binding constants. The assay is able to measure HSA K d values in the milli-molar to micromolar range. The protein is not immobilized on any surface and the assay self-corrects for nonspecific adsorption. No mass balance is required to get accurate binding constants and it is not necessary(More)
We address the verification of hybrid systems built as the composition of a discrete software controller interacting with a physical environment exhibiting a continuous behavior. Our goal is to attack the problem of the combinatorial explosion of discrete states that may happen if a complex software controller is considered. We propose as a solution to(More)
— In this paper, we present extensions of the framework of the µ-calculus which allow us to handle in a very generic and extensible way many control problems. The fundamental new tool is a division operator, and two new modalities are given as examples which allow us to handle observability and distinguishability. Furthermore, all this gives rise to a(More)
We report on a new, high-throughput assay designed to measure octanol/water partition coefficients in early drug discovery. The assay is carried out in 96-well microtiterplates and measures the diffusion of compounds between two aqueous compartments separated by a thin octanol liquid layer. Octanol/water partition coefficients are derived from the apparent(More)
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