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In this paper, we present the participation of the Computer Science Laboratory of Avignon (LIA) to RepLab 2013 edition. RepLab is an evaluation campaign for Online Reputation Management Systems. LIA has produced a important number of experiments for every tasks of the campaign: filtering, topic priority detection, Polarity for Reputation and topic(More)
Speaker diarization may be difficult to achieve when applied to narrative films, where speakers usually talk in adverse acoustic conditions: background music, sound effects, wide variations in intonation may hide the inter-speaker variability and make audio-based speaker diarization approaches error prone. On the other hand, such fictional movies exhibit(More)
Modern popular TV series often develop complex storylines spanning several seasons, but are usually watched in quite a discontinuous way. As a result, the viewer generally needs a comprehensive summary of the previous season plot before the new one starts. The generation of such summaries requires first to identify and characterize the dynamics of the(More)
RÉSUMÉ. La segmentation de flux audio en locuteurs apparaît particulièrement délicate lorsqu’elle est appliquée à des films de fiction, où de nombreux personnages parlent dans des conditions acoustiques variables (musique de fond, bruitages, fluctuations dans l’intonation...). Au-delà d’une telle variabilité acoustique, ce type de films exhibe cependant de(More)
The Systems of LIA at DEFT’13 The 2013 Défi de Fouille de Textes (DEFT) campaign is interested in two types of language analysis tasks, the document classification and the information extraction in the specialized domain of cuisine recipes. We present the systems that the LIA has used in DEFT 2013. Our systems show interesting results, even though the(More)
This paper deals with the automatic analysis of conversations between a customer and an agent in a call centre of a customer care service. The purpose of the analysis is to hypothesize themes about problems and complaints discussed in the conversation. Themes are defined by the application documentation topics. A conversation may contain mentions that are(More)
Twitter is now a gold marketing tool for entities concerned with online reputation. To automatically monitor online reputation of entities, systems have to deal with ambiguous entity names, polarity detection and topic detection. We propose three approaches to tackle the first issue: monitoring Twitter in order to find relevant tweets about a given entity.(More)
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