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Modern popular tv series often develop complex storylines spanning several seasons, but are usually watched in quite a discontinuous way. As a result, the viewer generally needs a comprehensive summary of the previous season plot before the new one starts. The automation of such a task requires to identify and characterize the dynamics of the series(More)
Twitter is now a gold marketing tool for entities concerned with online reputation. To automatically monitor online reputation of entities , systems have to deal with ambiguous entity names, polarity detection and topic detection. We propose three approaches to tackle the first issue: monitoring Twitter in order to find relevant tweets about a given entity.(More)
Les séries télévisées ont souvent des structures narratives assez contraintes, dans lesquelles plusieurs histoires sont développées en parallèle. Les outils de navigation dans ces documents doivent disposer de descripteurs caractérisant ces structures narratives. Les histoires peuvent être caractérisées par des indices visuels, auditifs, sémantiques, etc...(More)
In this paper , we present the participation of the Computer Science Laboratory of Avignon (LIA) to RepLab 2013 edition. RepLab is an evaluation campaign for Online Reputation Management Systems. LIA has produced a important number of experiments for every tasks of the campaign : filtering , topic priority detection , Polarity for Reputation and topic(More)
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