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This study compared antiretroviral activity among 6 "salvage" therapy regimens. The study was a prospective, randomized, 2x3 factorial, multicenter study of the AIDS Clinical Trials Group. The study enrolled 277 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients naive to nonnucleoside analogues who had taken indinavir >6 months. The patients had(More)
In many longitudinal studies, the individual characteristics associated with the repeated measures may be possible covariates of the time to an event of interest, and thus, it is desirable to model the time-to-event process and the longitudinal process jointly. Statistical analyses may be further complicated in such studies with missing data such as(More)
ScoreSVG implements a three-tiered software architecture that generates musical scores in scalable vector graphics (SVG), something no other known music editor has done. SVG is non-proprietary XML-based format that renders graphical content into a web browser equipped with a SVG plugin. Scores in SVG can be scripted to produce interactive music theory(More)
In many clinical trials, treatment efficacy is based upon response to a biological marker that is measured repeatedly during the course of follow-up. However, in some of these trials it is not clear, a priori, how treatment effects on the marker may manifest themselves or what kinds of effects are clinically meaningful and/or acceptable. It is, therefore,(More)
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