Xanthoula Eirini Pantazi

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Rotating machinery breakdowns are most commonly caused by failures in bearing subsystems. Consequently, condition monitoring of such subsystems could increase reliability of machines that are carrying out field operations. Recently, research has focused on the implementation of vibration signals analysis for health status diagnosis in bearings systems(More)
The widespread application of precision agriculture has triggered the expansion of tools for data collection and geo referencing of productivity, soil and crop properties. The correct data fusion of soil and crop parameters is a complex problem due to the abundance of inter-correlated parameters which necessitates the use of computational intelligence(More)
Hyperspectral signatures can provide abundant information regarding health status of crops; however it is difficult to discriminate between biotic and abiotic stress. In this study, the case of simultaneous occurrence of yellow rust disease symptoms and nitrogen stress was investigated by using hyperspectral features from a ground based hyperspectral(More)
Agriculture aims at increasing production and provision of high quality products to the market. Most of the times, quality is strongly correlated the variety or the hybrid. Specifically, lettuce qualitative characteristics and nutrients appear to vary strongly in different varieties and hybrids. In the current research, lettuce plants were harvested at(More)
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