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There are a few investigations into endometritis in the bitch and its relationship with failure to conceive remains unclear. This may be because of the difficulty in collecting uterine samples for further investigations. Recently, transcervical catheterization by vaginal endoscopy has been introduced allowing the evaluation of the endometrium. In this(More)
The objective of this study was to confirm in various breeds of dogs the efficacy and safety of a parturition induction treatment described to be successful in Beagle dogs. Parturition was induced in seven various sized pregnant bitches of different breeds, with 15 mg aglepristone per kg at day 59-61 post-estimated ovulation day, followed 24 h later by 0.15(More)
Prostatic diseases account for 3-10% of intact male dogs presented to veterinary surgeons. Conditions vary according to severity and frequency ranging from the most common, such as prostatic hyperplasia and cysts to the rarer conditions such as prostatic abcesses and neoplasia. Different causes of prostatic disease can often not be distinguished by(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Previous studies have suggested that advanced age predicts worse outcome following mechanical thrombectomy. We assessed outcomes from 2 recent large prospective studies to determine the association among TICI, age, and outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Data from the Solitaire FR Thrombectomy for Acute Revascularization (STAR) trial, an(More)
The two most frequent prostatic diseases in dogs are benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis. Prostatitis requires prolonged antibiotic treatment. In acute prostatitis, the blood-prostate barrier is broken, thus facilitating the penetration of antibiotics, whereas in chronic prostatitis, the barrier prevents the penetration of many drugs into the(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate caesarean operation (CO) undertaken before the pre-partum decrease of progesterone but following administration of a progesterone receptor antagonist and to evaluate the innocuity of this procedure for the dam and pups. Thirty seven bitches of 15 different breeds, received an injection of 15 mg/kg aglepristone 59 or(More)
BACKGROUND Facial expressions convey key cues of human emotions, and may also be important for interspecies interactions. The universality hypothesis suggests that six basic emotions (anger, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness, and surprise) should be expressed by similar facial expressions in close phylogenetic species such as humans and nonhuman primates.(More)
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