Xabier De Aretxabala

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In this report, we describe the localization of diacylglycerol lipase-α (DAGLα) in nuclei from adult cortical neurons, as assessed by double-immunofluorescence staining of rat brain cortical sections and purified intact nuclei and by western blot analysis of subnuclear fractions. Double-labeling assays using the anti-DAGLα antibody and NeuN combined with(More)
Phosphoinositide (PtdIns) signaling involves the generation of lipid second messengers in response to stimuli in a receptor-mediated manner at the plasma membrane. In neuronal cells of adult brain, the standard model proposes that activation of metabotropic receptors coupled to Phospholipase C-β1 (PLC-β1) is linked to endocannabinoid signaling through the(More)
  • Bettina G Müller, Xabier De Aretxabala, Manuel González Domingo
  • 2014
Gallbladder cancer is now considered a distinct clinical entity, allowing for a separate analysis from that of other malignancies of the biliary tree. Symptoms related to a malignant tumor of the gallbladder include jaundice and abdominal pain, or a palpable abdominal mass that occurs in a late stage of the disease. The majority of patients with operable(More)
The human NTERA2/D1 (NT2) cells generate postmitotic neurons (NT2N cells) upon retinoic acid (RA) treatment and are functionally integrated in the host tissue following grafting into the rodent and human brain, thus representing a promising source for neuronal replacement therapy. Yet the major limitations of this model are the lengthy differentiation(More)
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