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Abslract The application of the formalism of two-level morphology to Basque and its use in the elaboration of the XUXEN spelling checker/corrector are described. This application is intended to cover a large part of the language. Because Basque is a highly inflected language, the approach of spelling checking and correction has been conceived as a(More)
This paper deals with the exploitation of dictionaries for the semi-automatic construction of lexicons and lexical knowledge bases. The final goal of our research is to enrich the Basque Lexical Database with semantic information such as senses, definitions, semantic relations, etc., extracted from a Basque monolingual dictionary. The work here presented(More)
This article describes the participation of the joint Elhuyar­IXA group in the RespubliQA exercise at QA&CLEF. We put together tools developed separately and we combined and shared knowledge and technology between the two groups. In particular, we participated in the English–English monolingual task and in the Basque–English cross­lingual one. Our focus has(More)
Abstracl Agglutinative languages presenl rich morphology and for sonic applications they lleed deep analysis at word level. Tile work here presenled proposes a model for designing a full nlorpho-logical analyzer. The model integrates lhe two-level fornlalisnl alld a ullificalion-I)asod fornialisni. In contrast to other works, we propose to separate the(More)
We present some Language Technology applications that have proven to be effective tools to promote the use of Basque, a European less privileged language. We also present the strategy we have followed for almost twenty years to develop those applications as the top of an integrated environment of language resources, language foundations, language tools and(More)
Traditional information retrieval (IR) systems use keywords to index and retrieve documents. The limitations of keywords were recognized since the early days, specially when different but closely related words are used in the query and the relevant document. Query expansion techniques like pseudo-relevance feedback (PRF) and document clustering techniques(More)
The frame-based knowledge representation model adopted in IDHS (Intelligent Dictionary Help System) is described in this paper. It is used to represent the lexical knowledge acquired automatically from a conventional dictionary. Moreover, the enrichment processes that have been performed on the Dictionary Knowledge Base and the dynamic exploitation of this(More)