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To compare patients and their outcomes at ten Brazilian intensive care units (ICUs) with those reported from the United States. Prospective multicenter inception cohort study. Ten Brazilian adult medical-surgical ICUs. 1734 consecutive adult ICU admissions. We used demographic, clinical and physiologic information and the APACHE III prognostic system to(More)
To test the hypothesis that technology availability, staffing, and diagnostic diversity in an intensive care unit (ICU) are associated with the ability to decrease hospital mortality. Prospective multicenter descriptive cohort study. Ten Brazilian medical-surgical ICUs. 1734 consecutive adult ICU admissions. We recorded t the amount of technology, number of(More)
Primary lymphoma of the bone (PLB) primarily arising from the medullary cavity is an extremely rare entity, with only retrospective studies and sporadic cases reported in the literature. The current study presents one case of PLB treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and a review of the literature to elucidate the optimal treatment of PLB. A(More)
  • X. Sun
  • 1992
In their article on the detrimental effects of low perfusion pressure after global cerebral ischemia Seo et al. were able to show that an irregular distribution of post-ischemic blood flow can enhance brain damage [3]. In an experimental rat model we examined the autoregulatory properties of the cerebral vasculature after global ischemia. An intact(More)
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