XL Zhong

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The field emission properties of SnO 2 nano-wires fabricated by chemical vapor deposition with metallic catalyst-assistance were investigated. For the as-fabricated SnO 2 nanowires, the turn-on and threshold field were 4.03 and 5.4 V/lm, respectively. Considerable enhancement of field emission of SnO 2 nanowires was obtained by a post-annealing process in(More)
Double-stranded DNA viruses infecting eukaryotic algae (e.g., phycodnaviruses) and cyanobacteria (e.g., cyanophages) are now recognized as widespread and ubiquitous in aquatic environments. However, both the diversity and functional roles of these viruses in fresh waters are still poorly understood. We conducted a year-long study in 2011 of the community(More)
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