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To uncover the potential antioxidative role of anthocyanins in vivo in protecting photosynthetic tissues from photoinhibition, the effects of high irradiance [HI, 1300 μmol(photon) m−2 s−1] were studied using detached leaves derived from Arabidopsis wild-type (WT) and the mutant deficient in anthocyanin biosynthesis (tt3tt4). HI stress caused decreased(More)
To investigate the effects of Hu Qisan (HQS) on apoptosis in diethylnitrosamine (DEN)-induced hepatocel-lular carcinoma (HCC), a Solt-Farber two-step test model of precancerous liver lesions was established in rats using a previously described method. HQS (4 and 8 g/kg body weight/day) was administered for 4 weeks, after the majority of the liver was(More)
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