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Performance of rattle-type magnetic mesoporous silica spheres in the adsorption of single and binary antibiotics
Abstract The rattle-type γ-Fe 2 O 3 /mesoporous silica spheres (γ-Fe 2 O 3 /mSiO 2 spheres) were synthesized with a facial and selectively etching strategy. The prepared particles were characterizedExpand
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Determination of total acid content and moisture content during solid-state fermentation processes using hyperspectral imaging
Abstract Total acid content (TAC) and moisture content (MC) are very important parameters during Solid-State Fermentation (SSF) processes. The feasibility of using hyperspectral imaging (HSI)Expand
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Integrated 110 GHz coherent photonic mixer for CRoF mobile backhaul links
An integrated 110 GHz coherent photonic mixer (CPX) is designed and fabricated for coherent RoF (CRoF) mobile backhaul links. The CPX simultaneously performs optical WDM channel selection and directExpand
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Hybrid-power wireless electrochemical platform coupled to screen-printed electrode module for natural water monitoring
Abstract The aim of this paper is to present a practical hybrid-power method for wireless chemical sensor of radio-frequency identification. Radio-frequency carrier is divided into dual-directionExpand
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Determinations of trace lead in various natural samples by a novel active microband-electrode probe
Abstract A novel active microband-electrode probe is introduced for determinations of trace lead in various natural samples. It integrates a micro electrode array (MEA) on a silicon substrate and aExpand
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A detachable and recyclable electrochemical sensor for high-performance detection of glucose based on boronate affinity
Abstract In this work, we reported a detachable and recyclable electrochemical sensor for high-performance determination of glucose based on the interaction of the analyte with a magnetic boronate.Expand
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Highly spectral-efficient and high capacity millimeter-wave wireless data transmission using a Coherent Radio-over-Fiber system (CRoF)
This paper reports on the development of a packaged coherent photonic mixer (CPX) for coherent Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) systems. The developed integrated CPX performs direct optical-to-RF up-conversionExpand
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The aim of this research was to use sensory analysis and colorimetric sensors to evaluate four Chinese traditional vinegars. Expand
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Other Nondestructive Measurement Technologies
Food systems are complex and dynamic multicomponent and multiphase systems and thus attempts for their characterization must employ a broad arsenal of tools for biochemical, biophysical, andExpand
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