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A flexible light-directed DNA chip synthesis gated by deprotection using solution photogenerated acids.
DNA microarray synthesis based on a flexible biochip method that uses photogenerated acid in solution to trigger deprotection of the 5'-OH group in conventional nucleotide phosphoramidite monomers and is applicable to microarray syntheses of a variety of combinatorial molecules, such as peptides and organic molecules.
Digital light-directed synthesis. A microarray platform that permits rapid reaction optimization on a combinatorial basis.
Using this method of optimization and the reaction apparatus, efficient photogenerated acids and reaction conditions suitable for removal of the acid labile protection group on 5'-O of nucleotides are identified in a short period of time.
Characterization of oligodeoxyribonucleotide synthesis on glass plates.
A systematic investigation of oligonucleotide synthesis on glass plates with the reactions carried out in an automated DNA synthesizer using standard phosphoramidite chemistry reveals that a major cause of lower fidelity synthesis onGlass plates is particularly inefficient reactions of the various reagents with functional groups close to glass plate surfaces.
FCGR3B copy number variation is not associated with lupus nephritis in a Chinese population
The data suggest that FCGR3B CNV was not associated with LN development or progression in this Chinese population, which was surprising given the strong in a Caucasian population.
Common Genetic Variants in the Chromogranin A Promoter Are Associated with Renal Injury in IGA Nephropathy Patients with Malignant Hypertension
It is suggested the genetic variants in the chromogranin A promoter may not involve in the onset of malignant hypertension, but the variants might play a role in the renal dysfunction in patients with IgAN-MHT.
Is FCGR2A a susceptibility gene to systemic lupus erythematosus in Chinese?
It is validated that FCGR2A bears no population-specific CNV and contributes to SLE susceptibility in Chinese, and affects disease activity, severity and prognosis, and the undetected association in Chinese derives from under-power rather than any methodological obstacle.
Polymorphisms in the nonmuscle myosin heavy chain 9 gene (MYH9) are associated with the progression of IgA nephropathy in Chinese.
  • W. Cheng, X. Zhou, H. Zhang
  • Biology, Medicine
    Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation : official…
  • 1 August 2011
Based on a large Chinese IgAN cohort, an association between rs11089788 and prognosis of IgAN is found, adding to the mounting evidence of MYH9 as an important gene in IgAN to ESRD.
DEFA gene variants associated with IgA nephropathy in a Chinese population
DEFA gene polymorphisms have potentially pathogenic roles in IgAN, and the role of mucosal immunity in the pathogenesis of IgAN has to be emphasized.
Developmental stability of foraging behavior: evaluating suitability of captive giant pandas for translocation
The behavioral competence of captive‐bred individuals – an important source population for translocation programs – may differ from that of wild‐born individuals and these differences may influence
[Mandibular ridge augmentation by sandwich osteotomy and BMP-HA implantation].
In order to solve a series of problems ridge augmentation by subperiosteal implantstion, HA combined with BMP was implanted in between the two pieces of mandible produced by osteotomy, the results showed that this method of alveolar ridge augmented has many advantages.