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Long non-coding RNA FTH1P3 facilitates uveal melanoma cell growth and invasion through miR-224-5p
Growing evidences indicated that Long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) played important roles in tumor initiation and progression. However, the function and mechnism of lncRNA ferritin heavy chain 1Expand
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An Experimental Study of Femto-Laser in Assisting Xenograft Acellular Cornea Matrix Lens Transplantation
Background The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of using a femto-laser in assisting xenograft cornea matrix lens transplantation in correcting ametropia, along with evaluating theExpand
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Fracking and the Elasticity of U.S. Oil Production
The revolution in U.S. oil production attributable to the application of hydraulic fracturing to oil shale formations has resulted in a substantive change in the supply elasticities of U.S. oilExpand
Discussion on Government Role in Risk Control of Public-Private Partnership for Rail Transit
Rail Transit projects are with the characteristics of enormous investment,long period of construction,heavy burden on government finances and imperfect operation management.How to improve investmentExpand
Shale Oil Boom and the Profitability of US Petroleum Refiners
This paper provides a quantitative analysis of how the recent boom in U.S. oil production---largely a result of shale oil production---has impacted the domestic petroleum refining industry. WeExpand
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Visual fatigue investigation among locomotive engineers
ObjectiveTo study the locomotive engineers visual function status. MethodsIn order to regard locomotive engineer as the investigation group,the hardworking miscellaneous work is regard as controlExpand
Three Essays on Energy Economics