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The Study of Diffraction Ray Tracing on the Surface of Airplane
This article makes the surface of airplane into quadrilateral gridding by using the method of discrete gridding generation, and calculates the data of gridding by using the classical DijkstraExpand
Numerical Simulation for Lightning Zoning on an Aircraft
In this paper, a numerical simulation method based on fractal theory is presented to simulate lightning attachment points on airplane. The dielectric breakdown model is used to simulate the fractalExpand
The Power Distributions on Series Connection Motors
  • Y. Sha, P. Yu, X. Zhao
  • Engineering
  • Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering…
  • 27 March 2009
The driving mode by two hydraulic motors and reducer is widely used in many types of equipment, which adjusts velocity and torque by the way of changing the relationship of the two motors- seriesExpand
Control Algorithm Analysis of Rig's Electro-Hydraulic Proportional Control System
The electro-hydraulic proportional control system of the rig rotary mechanism was designed, and the work principle and system structure were introduced. On the bases of analyzing the characteristicsExpand
Study on Determining Method of Rig’s Hydraulic Pressure in Civil Engineering
Rig is widely used in civil engineering. With the increasingly nervous energy supply, the problem of saving energy is caused close attention more and more. Hydraulic technology widely used inExpand
Column Strength and Stability Analysis of Column Pipe Automatic Transferring System
Pipe automatic operating system uses mechanical,hydraulic and control technology, replace manual operation by using mechanical equipment,it is an effective way to make drilling safe,healthy andExpand
Research of Experiment Platform for Drilling Hydraulic Mining of Oil Shale
Aimed at a new mining method of oil shale—Borehole Hydraulic Mining, the experiment platform for Borehole Hydraulic mining of oil shale is designed based on this, in order to evaluation of theExpand
Design of an Intelligent Point-to-Point Swing Arm Controller
The point-to-point swing arm test is very important for large arms which have swing arm movement. Traditional point-to-point swing arm controller is relay control mode. The mode has manyExpand
Inplementation of an Efficient Parallel Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm
This paper is concerned with the implementation of the parallel multilevel fast multipole algorithm(MLFMA) for large scale electromagnetics simulation on shared-memory system. Expand
Structural Research of Pipe Automatic Handing System of Land Rig
Pipe automatic handing system is an important part of automation rig, which replace manual operation by using mechanical equipment, and realize the reciprocate transfer operation of drill pipe. It isExpand