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A continuum model for intermittent deformation of single crystal micropillars
Abstract Strain bursts are often observed during compression tests of single crystal micropillars. In this work, we formulate a new continuum model that accounts for the strain bursts within theExpand
Implementation of a nonlocal N-qubit conditional phase gate by single-photon interference
By virtue of single-photon interference, we present how to realize a nonlocal N-qubit conditional phase gate, which might be quite useful for the synthesis of arbitrary entangled quantum states ofExpand
Investigation of stationary shoulder friction stir welding of aluminum alloy 7075-T651
Abstract Stationary shoulder friction stir welding (SSFSW) was successfully performed on 7075-T651 aluminum alloy. Defect-free joints with smooth weld surface were obtained. The redistribution ofExpand
Temporal-spatial distribution and diastereoisomer pattern of hexabromocyclododecane in the vicinity of a chemical plant.
Hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) is an effective brominated flame-retardant additive, which is mainly produced in the coastal area of China. This study collected soil samples from a HBCD productionExpand
Internal length scale and grain boundary yield strength in gradient models of polycrystal plasticity: How do they relate to the dislocation microstructure?
Gradient plasticity provides an effective theoretical framework to interpret heterogeneous and irreversible deformation processes on micron and submicron scales. By incorporating internal lengthExpand
Interpreting the softening of nanomaterials through gradient plasticity
Experimental and simulation studies have shown that decreasing the grain size below a criticalvalue results in softening rather than hardening in both the yield stress and flow stress ofnanomaterials.Expand
Radiative recombination of large polarons in halide perovskites.
In hybrid organic/inorganic perovskites, the majority of charge carriers are large polarons. Slow recombination of the large polarons underlies long carrier lifetime and diffusion length, crucial toExpand
Lognormal-based mixture models for robust fitting of hospital length of stay distributions
Abstract Understanding the structure of length of stay distributions can support operational and clinical decision making in hospitals. Our objective is to develop robust methods for fitting theseExpand
Discovery of Potential Orthosteric and Allosteric Antagonists of P2Y1R from Chinese Herbs by Molecular Simulation Methods
This work provides a reliable guide for discovering natural P2Y1R antagonists of orthosteric and allosteric sites from TCM. Expand
Experimental study of conservative solute transport in heterogeneous aquifers
Aquifer heterogeneity affects the characteristics of solute breakthrough curves (BTCs). A better understanding of the relationship between aquifer heterogeneity and BTCs will help improve predictionExpand