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Transcription activation parameters at ara pBAD.
We studied the formation of open complexes of RNA polymerase and promoter DNA as activated by the AraC protein at the Escherichia coli araBAD promoter pBAD and by the cyclic AMP receptor protein atExpand
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Catabolite gene activator protein mutations affecting activity of the araBAD promoter.
We have studied catabolite gene activator protein (CAP) activation at the araBAD promoter, pBAD, in the absence of DNA looping. We ruled out the two most plausible indirect activation mechanisms:Expand
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Balancing selection shapes density-dependent foraging behavior
The optimal foraging strategy in a given environment depends on the number of competing individuals and their behavioural strategies. Little is known about the genes and neural circuits thatExpand
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Nanomechanical torsional resonators for frequency-shift infrared thermal sensing.
We investigate use of nanomechanical torsional resonators for frequency-shift-based infrared (IR) thermal sensing. Nanoscale torsion rods, ~1 μm long and 50-100 nm in diameter, provide bothExpand
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The onset of electron-induced proton-transfer in hydrated azabenzene cluster anions.
The prospect that protons from water may be transferred to N-heterocyclic molecules due to the presence of an excess electron is studied in hydrated azabenzene cluster anions using anionExpand
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Acyl-CoA oxidase complexes control the chemical message produced by Caenorhabditis elegans
Significance Many free-living and parasitic nematode (roundworm) species use pheromones called ascarosides to control their development and behavior. The molecular mechanisms by which environmentalExpand
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On the existence of designer magnetic superatoms.
The quantum states in small, compact metal clusters are bunched into electronic shells with electronic orbitals resembling those in atoms, enabling classification of stable clusters as superatoms.Expand
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Ascarosides coordinate the dispersal of a plant-parasitic nematode with the metamorphosis of its vector beetle
Insect vectors are required for the transmission of many species of parasitic nematodes, but the mechanisms by which the vectors and nematodes coordinate their life cycles are poorly understood.Expand
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CO2 Activation and Hydrogenation by PtHn (-) Cluster Anions.
Gas phase reactions between PtHn (-) cluster anions and CO2 were investigated by mass spectrometry, anion photoelectron spectroscopy, and computations. Two major products, PtCO2 H(-) and PtCO2 H3 (-)Expand
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Photoelectron spectroscopic and computational study of (M-CO2)(-) anions, M = Cu, Ag, Au.
In a combined photoelectron spectroscopic and computational study of (M-CO2)(-), M = Au, Ag, Cu, anionic complexes, we show that (Au-CO2)(-) forms both the chemisorbed and physisorbed isomers,Expand
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