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A Framework for Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Accelerometer and EMG Sensors
This paper presents a framework for hand gesture recognition based on the information fusion of a three-axis accelerometer (ACC) and multichannel electromyography (EMG) sensors. Expand
Sample entropy analysis of surface EMG for improved muscle activity onset detection against spurious background spikes.
  • X. Zhang, P. Zhou
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Journal of electromyography and kinesiology…
  • 1 December 2012
A novel method of muscle activity onset detection against spurious spikes was proposed based primarily on the sample entropy (SampEn) analysis of the surface EMG. Expand
High-Density Myoelectric Pattern Recognition Toward Improved Stroke Rehabilitation
  • X. Zhang, P. Zhou
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
  • 21 March 2012
We have demonstrated that applying pattern-recognition techniques to high-density surface EMG recordings achieved high accuracies in classification of 20 intended movements involving the affected limb of the stroke subjects. Expand
A Hand Gesture Recognition Framework and Wearable Gesture-Based Interaction Prototype for Mobile Devices
A wearable gesture-based interaction prototype demonstrates the feasibility of hand gesture interaction in mobile application that is based on the fusion of SEMG and ACC signals. Expand
Hand gesture recognition and virtual game control based on 3D accelerometer and EMG sensors
This paper describes a novel hand gesture recognition system that utilizes both multi-channel surface electromyogram (EMG) sensors and 3D accelerometer (ACC) to realize user-friendly interaction between human and computers. Expand
Hand Gesture Recognition Research Based on Surface EMG Sensors and 2D-accelerometers
We proposed a method using two sensor types (sEMG sensors and accelerometers) for improving the classification performance of multiple wrist and finger gestures in real-time hand gesture recognition. Expand
Automatic recognition of sign language subwords based on portable accelerometer and EMG sensors
An effective fusion strategy for combination of multi-sensor and multi-channel information is proposed to automatically recognize sign language at the subword classification level. Expand
Real-Time Control of an Exoskeleton Hand Robot with Myoelectric Pattern Recognition
This study presents an advanced myoelectric pattern recognition scheme for real-time intention-driven control of a hand exoskeleton for hand rehabilitation after neurological injury rehabilitation. Expand
Chinese Sign Language Recognition Based on an Optimized Tree-Structure Framework
We proposed an optimized tree-structure classification framework based on sEMG, ACC, GYRO, and their combinations in three common sign components and subwords for CSL subword recognition. Expand
Electromyography-Based Locomotion Pattern Recognition and Personal Positioning Toward Improved Context-Awareness Applications
We proposed a novel electromyography (EMG)-based method to fulfill that task and obtained satisfying PDR results. Expand