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Public Expenditure, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Rural Uganda
"Using district-level data for 1992, 1995, and 1999, the study estimated effects of different types of government expenditure on agricultural growth and rural poverty in Uganda. The results revealExpand
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Spatial Inequality in Education and Health Care in China
While increasing income inequality in China has been commented on and studied extensively, relatively little analysis is available on inequality in other dimensions of human development. Using dataExpand
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The Competitive Saving Motive: Evidence from Rising Sex Ratios and Savings Rates in China
The high and rising household savings rate in China is not easily reconciled with the traditional explanations that emphasize life cycle factors, the precautionary saving motive, financialExpand
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What Difference Do Polarisation Measures Make? An Application to China
In recent years there has been much discussion of the difference between inequality and polarisation. The vast literature on inequality is held to miss out key features of distributional change,Expand
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Reforms, Investment, and Poverty in Rural China*
Shenggen FanInternational Food Policy Research Institute and Institute of AgriculturalEconomics of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural SciencesLinxiu ZhangCenter for Chinese Agricultural Policy ofExpand
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Which Regional Inequality? The Evolution of Rural–Urban and Inland–Coastal Inequality in China from 1983 to 1995☆
Abstract This paper develops a unified empirical framework for describing the relative contribution of rural–urban and inland–coastal inequality to overall regional inequality in China during theExpand
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Famine and Overweight in China
There is an increasing body of literature that examines the association between restricted fetal growth and diseases in adulthood as proposed by Barker. One common way to test the hypothesis inExpand
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How Does Globalisation Affect Regional Inequality within A Developing Country? Evidence from China
Developing countries are increasingly concerned about effects of globalisation on regional inequality. This paper develops an empirical method for decomposing the contributions of two major drivingExpand
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Positional spending and status seeking in rural China
Focusing on a remote area in rural China, we use a panel census of households in 26 villages to show that socially observable spending has risen sharply in recent years. We demonstrate that suchExpand
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Fiscal Decentralization and Political Centralization in China - Implications for Regional Inequality
China's current fiscal system is largely decentralized while its governance structure is rather centralized with strong top-down mandates and a homogenous governance structure. Due to largeExpand
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