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Src Homology 2 Domain-Containing Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Substrate 1 Regulates the Migration of Langerhans Cells from the Epidermis to Draining Lymph Nodes
Src homology 2 domain-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase substrate 1 (SHPS-1) is a member of the signal regulatory protein family in which the extracellular region interacts with its ligand,Expand
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Src homology 2 domain‐containing protein tyrosine phosphatase substrate 1 regulates the induction of Langerhans cell maturation
Recently, we reported that Src homology 2 domain‐containing protein tyrosine phosphatase substrate 1 (SHPS‐1) plays an important role in the migration of Langerhans cells (LC). Here, we show thatExpand
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Citizen Assessment as Policy Tool of Urban Public Services: Empirical Evidence from Assessments of Urban Green Spaces in China
Efficient delivery and precision provision of urban public services concern quality of urban life and urban sustainability. Amid much debate regarding citizen assessments as a policy tool of publicExpand
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Responsiveness to autologous sweat and serum in cholinergic urticaria classifies its clinical subtypes.
BACKGROUND It has been reported that patients with cholinergic urticaria have a type 1 allergy to autologous sweat; however, the pathogenesis of that disorder has not been fully elucidated. Expand
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Suppressive effect of recombinant human thioredoxin on ultraviolet light‐induced inflammation and apoptosis in murine skin
Thioredoxin (TRX) is a small ubiquitous protein, which regulates cellular redox status and scavenges reactive oxygen species. The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of TRX onExpand
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Thioredoxin suppresses the contact hypersensitivity response by inhibiting leukocyte recruitment during the elicitation phase.
Thioredoxin, a redox-regulating protein that scavenges reactive oxygen species, appears to show an excellent antiinflammatory effect in treating animal models of various human inflammatory diseases.Expand
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Involvement of Interleukin‐10 Promoter Polymorphisms in Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers—A Case Study in Non‐Caucasian Skin Cancer Patients †
Interleukin 10 (IL‐10) is a potent immunosuppressive cytokine, therefore elevated IL‐10 expression has been implicated in inhibition of antitumor immune response. IL‐10 gene promoter polymorphism hasExpand
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Exploring the dynamic correlation of landscape composition and habitat fragmentation with surface water quality in the Shenzhen river and deep bay cross-border watershed, China
Abstract The dynamics of land cover and landscape structure are important variables that influence the environmental and ecological quality of a watershed. In this study, a complex hypothesis wasExpand
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The Strategic Conception of Constructing a Modern Network & Garden City in Jiaxing
  • X. Yu, X. Liu
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference on Management and…
  • 1 August 2011
This article innovatively proposed the strategic conception of constructing a modern network & garden city in Jiaxing. Expand