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Finding and understanding bugs in C compilers
We created Csmith, a randomized test-case generation tool, and spent three years using it to find compiler bugs. Expand
Test-case reduction for C compiler bugs
We design and implement three new, domain-specific test-case reducers that produce small and valid test cases that are more than 25 times smaller than those produced by the existing delta debugging reducer. Expand
Role of mucilage in the germination of Artemisia sphaerocephala (Asteraceae) achenes exposed to osmotic stress and salinity.
Artemisia sphaerocephala (Asteraceae) is one of the pioneer species in moving and semi-stable sand dunes in the deserts of northwest China. The outer surface of A. sphaerocephala achenes contains aExpand
Degradation of seed mucilage by soil microflora promotes early seedling growth of a desert sand dune plant.
In contrast to the extensive understanding of seed mucilage biosynthesis, much less is known about how mucilage is biodegraded and what role it plays in the soil where seeds germinate. We studiedExpand
Energy-Oriented OpenMP Parallel Loop Scheduling
In HPC, power-related concern becomes dominant aspects of hardware and software design. Expand
CGCG clinical practice guidelines for the management of adult diffuse gliomas.
The Chinese Glioma Cooperative Group (CGCG) Guideline Panel for adult diffuse gliomas provided recommendations for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The Panel covered all fields of expertise inExpand
The Reliability Wall for Exascale Supercomputing
This paper introduces for the first time the concept of "Reliability Wall” to highlight the significance of achieving scalable performance in peta/exascale supercomputing with fault tolerance. Expand
Seed Mucilage Improves Seedling Emergence of a Sand Desert Shrub
The success of seedling establishment of desert plants is determined by seedling emergence response to an unpredictable precipitation regime. Sand burial is a crucial and frequent environmentalExpand
A 64-bit stream processor architecture for scientific applications
This paper first gives the design and implementation of a 64-bit stream processor, FT64 (Fei Teng 64), for scientific computing. Expand
Sequence searching with CNN features for robust and fast visual place recognition
We significantly improve the viewpoint invariance of the SeqSLAM algorithm by using state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to generate robust feature representations of images and develop a new acceleration method called A-SeqCNNSLAM which exploits the location relationship between the matching images of adjacent images to reduce the matching range of the current image. Expand