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Effect of bamboo and rice straw biochars on the bioavailability of Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn to Sedum plumbizincicola
a b s t r a c t Soil contamination with heavy metals has become a global concern because of its adverse effects on ecosystem health and food security. Soil amendments including biochar can reduce theExpand
Micromachined membrane particle filters
Several particle membrane filters (8/spl times/8 mm/sup 2/) with circular, hexagonal and rectangular through holes are reported. By varying hole dimensions from 6 to 12 /spl mu/m, opening factorsExpand
Study on round rice straw bale wrapping silage technology and facilities
Specific to problems of the existing round bale wrapping machine in China, such as small application scope and failing to satisfy the wrapping demands of round bales of different specifications, aExpand
Microstructure and inclusion of Ti–6Al–4V fabricated by selective laser melting
Selective laser melting (SLM) was used in fabricating the dense part from pre-alloyed Ti-6Al-4V powder. The microstructural evolution and inclusion formation of as-fabricated part were characterizedExpand
A MEMS thermopneumatic silicone membrane valve
A technology for fabricating silicone rubber membranes and integrating them with other processes on a silicon wafer has been developed. Silicone rubber has been found to have exceptional mechanicalExpand
Measurement and simulation of carbon nanotube's piezoresistance property by a micro/nano combined structure
In this paper, the present status of carbon nanotube's electromechanical properties was reviewed. The relationships among the carbon nanotube's resistance, gauge factor and the rates of change of theExpand
Influence of organic fillers on surface tension of phenol-formaldehyde adhesives
Abstract Organic fillers derived from biomass waste streams are commonly formulated with phenol-formaldehyde resoles (PF) in the production of veneer-based wood composites such as plywood andExpand
Specific heat treatment of selective laser melted Ti–6Al–4V for biomedical applications
The ductility of as-fabricated Ti–6Al–4V falls far short of the requirements for biomedical titanium alloy implants and the heat treatment remains the only applicable option for improvement of theirExpand
One-step microwave synthesis of MoS2/MoO3@graphite nanocomposite as an excellent electrode material for supercapacitors
AbstractWe introduce a facile one-step microwave solid-state approach to prepare novel MoS2/MoO3 @graphite nanocomposite that can be utilized as an electrode material for supercapacitors. TheExpand
Enhanced hydrophilicity and in vitro bioactivity of porous TiO2 film through the incorporation of boron
Abstract The aim of the current work is to prepare a novel boron-incorporated TiO 2 film (B-TiO 2 film) through MAO process in order to take advantages of the MAO technique and benefits of boron (B).Expand