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Transfer of micro and nano-photonic silicon nanomembrane waveguide devices on flexible substrates.
This paper demonstrates transfer of optical devices without extra un-patterned silicon onto low-cost, flexible plastic substrates using single-crystal silicon nanomembranes. Employing this transferExpand
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Nanopatterning using NSOM probes integrated with high transmission nanoscale bowtie aperture.
Nanoscale ridge aperture antennas have been shown to have high transmission efficiency and confined nanoscale radiation in the near field region compared with regularly-shaped apertures. TheExpand
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Electrokinetic Manipulation Integrated Plasmonic-Photonic Hybrid Raman Nanosensors with Dually Enhanced Sensitivity.
To detect biochemicals with ultrahigh sensitivity, efficiency, reproducibility, and specificity has been the holy grail in the development of nanosensors. In this work, we report an innovative typeExpand
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Efficient and accurate synthesis of complex Bragg grating waveguide in dispersive silicon structures
The complex Bragg-grating waveguide (CBGW) is a semiconductor strip channel with many side corrugations or teeth. The layer-peeling (LP) and layer-adding (LA) algorithms have shown that the CBGW canExpand
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What can we learn from the saturation of light-induced defects in amorphous hydrogenated silicon?
Abstract At a sufficiently high photon flux the density of light-induced defects in amorphous hydrogenated silicon (a-Si:H) can be made to saturate within a few hours. The saturated defect density NExpand
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Production Process Optimization of Metal Mines Considering Economic Benefit and Resource Efficiency Using an NSGA-II Model
This paper proposes a multi-objective optimization model of the production process of metal mines considering both economic benefits and resource efficiency. Expand
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High speed attojoule/bit passive and active nanophotonic devices for computing and optical interconnects (Conference Presentation)
An optical reconfigurable logic device is an optical equivalent of an FPGA, and all the basic digital logic functions can be realized. Expand
Efficient and accurate synthesis of complex Bragg grating waveguide in dispersive silicon structures: publisher's note
This publisher’s note corrects the funding section in J. Opt. Soc. Am. B35, 1921 (2018).JOBPDE0740-322410.1364/JOSAB.35.001921
In this paper the method of separation of radiobromine from radioiodinewith selection adsorption on copper based platinum adsorbent is described. The decontamination factors for radioiodine andExpand
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