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Multioperational Modes and Control Strategies of Dual-Mechanical-Port Machine for Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
A continuous variable transmission based on a planetary gear set is used in a full hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV) to integrate the IC engine and two electric machines into the drive train so thatExpand
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Alteration of mitochondrial oxidative capacity during porcine preadipocyte differentiation and in response to leptin
Mitochondrial apparatus is a fundamental aspect in cell, serving for amino acid biosynthesis, fatty acid oxidation (FAO), and ATP production. In this article, we investigated the change ofExpand
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Research on Optimized control technique of Electrical vehicles propulsion system with dual PMSM connection
This paper proposes an optimized control strategy for dual PMSM propulsion system that is both energy efficient and fault tolerant. A proposed control scheme using a single Digital Signal ProcessorExpand
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A finite difference method modeling for IGBT and diode in PSPICE
In this paper, a novel modeling approach for both PiN diode and IGBT is presented. In this model, the carrier diffusion equation, which retains the distributed nature of charge dynamics in bipolarExpand
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An Electrothermal Model for IGBT Based on Finite Differential Method
In this article, a practical electrothermal SPICE model is proposed based on finite differential method. Other than the conventional Fourier model and the Hefner model, the distribution of excessExpand
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Harmonic current minimization in PMSM drive system using feedforward compensation based on torque ripple estimation
Feedforward compensation method is proposed to reduce harmonic current in PMSM drive system. Expand
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Design and Optimization of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines for Driving Cycle
The paper studies the design optimization of the average efficiency during the driving cycle for permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSM). Expand
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A Prospect of Hybrid Planar Power Module
This paper will show the fabrication process and structure of a hybrid plannar power module. At the same time, its advantages and difficulties will be analyzed. The planar modules of pure Si-IGBT andExpand
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Coupling and Digital Control Delays Affected Stability Analysis of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Current Loop Control
Under the condition of high frequency operation of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) and low control carrier ratio, the current loop control is apt to lose stability due to the influence of motor impedance coupling and digital control delays. Expand
Thermal Analysis of Metallized Film Capacitors Used in Motor Drive Controller
An important function of the capacitors is to absorb ripple current. Loss occurs when ripple current enters the capacitor. This loss heats the capacitor core. Because the metallized film capacitorExpand