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Estimating suspended sediment loads in the Pearl River Delta region using sediment rating curves
Abstract In this study, sediment rating curves are employed to study the variations in relationships between water discharge and suspended sediment concentration based on the recent 50 years ofExpand
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Three‐Dimensional Sediment Dynamics in Well‐Mixed Estuaries: Importance of the Internally Generated Overtide, Spatial Settling Lag, and Gravitational Circulation
To investigate the dominant sediment transport and trapping mechanisms, a semi-analytical three-dimensional model is developed resolving the dynamic effects of salt intrusion on sediment inExpand
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Network Analysis for a Better Water Use Configuration in the Baiyangdian Basin, China
Nowadays, an increasing shortage of water resources intensifies the contradiction among different water-using sectors in the social-economic-ecological complex system. To adjust water usedExpand
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Monitoring urban wetlands restoration in Qinghai Plateau: Integrated performance from ecological characters, ecological processes to ecosystem services
Abstract The assessment for wetland restoration effect is crucial for wetland management and sustainable utilization. This issue is evaluated in this study and applied to four wetlands in the XiningExpand
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The implementation of two-way video monitoring system based on Android and JMF
The rapid advancement of mobile communication technologies offers innumerable opportunities for development of video monitoring system in mobile devices. Expand
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A process-based, idealized study of salt and sediment dynamics in well-mixed estuaries
  • X. Wei
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 June 2017
Estuaries are important ecosystems accommodating a large variety of living species. Estuaries are also important to people by their demand of freshwater for drinking, irrigation, and industry. Due toExpand
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Redistribution of the Suspended Sediment at the Apex Bifurcation in the Pearl River Network, South China
ABSTRACT Zhang, W; Du, J; Zheng, J; Wei, X., and Zhu, Y. 2014. Redistribution of the suspended sediment at the apex bifurcation in the Pearl River network, South China. Bifurcations in tidal networksExpand
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Does the structure of intersectoral embedded carbon flow network matter to carbon reduction in China
We combined the methodologies of life cycle assessment (LCA) and social network analysis (SNA) in the input-output framework to mimic intersectoral embedded CO2 flow network in China. Expand
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Three-Dimensional Salt Dynamics in Well-Mixed Estuaries: Influence of Estuarine Convergence, Coriolis, and Bathymetry
AbstractA semianalytical three-dimensional model is set up to dynamically calculate the coupled water motion and salinity for idealized well-mixed estuaries and prognostically investigate theExpand
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Impact of storm propagation speed on coastal flood hazard induced by offshore storms in the North Sea
Abstract Storm propagation speed (SPS) can noticeably impact coastal floods around semi-closed basins influenced by extratropical offshore storms. As a case study, the SPS impact on potential floodExpand
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