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Spectrum-energy Correlations in GRBs: Update, Reliability, and the Long/Short Dichotomy
Spectrum-energy correlations of peak energy with total prompt γ-ray emission energies, namely , , and , had been studied for long gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) previously by many authors. These energyExpand
[Immunocytochemical identification of tropomyosin in nucleoli and nucleolar matrix of Physarum polycephalum].
Protein A-colloidal gold immunoelectron microscopic study showed that there were many gold particles in the specimens labelled with tropomyosin antibody, and there were few gold particles found in the controls. Expand
Comparative study of anisotropy, strain hardening and twinning behavior in AZ40 and AE42 alloys
Abstract Compressive strain hardening and microstructure evolution in AZ40 alloy without rare earth (RE) elements and AE42 with RE elements have been examined and comparatively discussed. CompressiveExpand