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Selective effects of genistein, a soybean isoflavone, on B-lymphopoiesis and bone loss caused by estrogen deficiency.
Genistein, an isoflavone abundantly present in soybeans, has structural similarity to estrogen, suggesting that genistein may act as a phytoestrogen. To examine the possible role of genistein inExpand
[Effect of Ciwujia (Radix Acanthopanacis senticosus) preparation on exercise performance under constant endurance load for elderly].
The effect of Ciwujia (Radix Acanthopanacis senticosus) preparation on human exercise performance was investigated by using 13 healthy volunteers aged 50-57. Under constant endurance load with 450Expand
Power link functions in an ordinal regression model with Gaussian process priors
Link functions and random effects structures are the two important components in building flexible regression models for dependent ordinal data. Expand
[High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of monosaccharide composition in lacquer polysaccharide from sap of lac tree].
This paper reports the separation and determination of monosaccharide composition in lacquer polysaccharide (LPS) by HPLC. The five monosaccharides were analyzed on microBondapak NH2 column (300 mm xExpand
China has mainly adopted the traditional development strategy characterized by heavy consumption of resources and extensive management over a long term, with major emphasis laid on speed and quantityExpand
From Catalyst to Device : Development of a Novel Low-Cost , High-Durable Electrode for use in Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysers
HyET has greatly extended the capabilities of Electro-chemical Hydrogen Compression and is presenting this novel technology as a solution for hydrogen processing steps like compression for storage,Expand
Based on the demands analysis for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) standards in China, this paper presents the goals, basis and main research steps of ITS standard architecture. TheExpand
For the Future of Chinese Women ——An Interview With Peng Peiyun, Vice Chairperson of the NPC Standing Committee and President of the ACWF
One of the four women State leaders inChina at present is Peng Peiyun, a lead-ing person of the Chinese women'smovement who has carefully thoughtabout its development in the new century.Since theExpand