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Enhancement of rhizosphere citric acid and decrease of NO3−/NH4+ ratio by root interactions facilitate N fixation and transfer
AimsCereal can stimulate legume N fixation through competition for soil mineral N. In addition, organic acids in the rhizosphere can mobilize external nutrients, which may help nodulation. However,Expand
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Uranium distribution in the sediment of the Mianyuan River near a phosphate mining region in China and the related uranium speciation in water
To clarify the mechanisms of uranium distribution in river sediment and its speciation in river water near a phosphate mining region, the sediment and river water in the Mianyuan River in China wereExpand
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The relative contributions of pH, organic anions, and phosphatase to rhizosphere soil phosphorus mobilization and crop phosphorus uptake in maize/alfalfa polyculture
Aims To investigate the relative contributions of pH, organic anions concentration, and phosphatase activity to rhizosphere soil phosphorus availability and crop phosphorus uptake in polycultures.Expand
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Rh(I)-catalyzed decarbonylative direct C2-olefination of indoles with vinyl carboxylic acids.
A general and efficient Rh(I)-catalyzed decarbonylative direct C2-olefination of indoles with vinyl carboxylic acids has been developed. The reaction exhibits excellent functional group tolerance,Expand
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Femtosecond laser surface structuring of silicon using optical vortex beams generated by a q-plate
We report on laser surface structuring of silicon using Ti:Sa femtosecond laser ablation with optical vortex beams. A q-plate is used to generate an optical vortex beam with femtosecond pulseExpand
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Direct femtosecond laser ablation of copper with an optical vortex beam
Laser surface structuring of copper is induced by laser ablation with a femtosecond optical vortex beam generated via spin-to-orbital conversion of the angular momentum of light by using a q-plate.Expand
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Improving Faraday rotation performance with block copolymer and FePt nanoparticle magneto-optical composite
Magneto-optical (MO) composites with excellent Faraday rotation (FR) response were fabricated using iron platinum (FePt) nanoparticles (NPs) and polystyrene-block-poly (2-vinyl pyridine) (PS-b-P2VP)Expand
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Bulbothrix asiatica sp. nov., and other new records of Parmeliaceae with bulbate cilia from Cambodia
Abstract Bulbothrix asiatica Y. Y. Zhang & Li S. Wang sp. nov. is proposed to accommodate specimens with a black lower surface, an emaculate and cracked upper surface and salazinic acid in theExpand
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Precipitation and hetero-nucleation effect of V(C, N) in V-microalloyed steel
The precipitation behavior of V(C, N) in steels microalloyed with vanadium was researched using a thermal simulator during single-pass deformation at 800–750 °C. The V(C, N) precipitates and itsExpand
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Impact of intensive mining on the distribution of heavy metals in water and sediment of Anning River, southwest China
To investigate the impact of intensive mining on pollution of heavy metals in aqueous environment, water samples and seven sediment profiles adjacent to REE mine, iron mine, and V-Ti magnetite mineExpand
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