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Influence of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics and environmental risk of heavy metals in pyrolyzed biochar made from hydrothermally treated sewage sludge.
A novel approach was used to prepare sewage sludge (SS)-derived biochar via coupling of hydrothermal pretreatment with pyrolysis (HTP) process at 300-700 °C. The influence of the pyrolysisExpand
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Effect of pyrolysis temperature on characteristics, chemical speciation and risk evaluation of heavy metals in biochar derived from textile dyeing sludge.
Textile dyeing sludge (TDS) was pyrolyzed at temperature ranging from 300 to 700 °C to investigate characteristics and to evaluate the risk of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Cr, Ni, Cd, and Mn) in biocharExpand
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Catalytic upgrading of coal pyrolysis tar over char-based catalysts
Catalytic upgrading of coal pyrolysis tar was investigated in a dual-stage reactor over char and metal-impregnated char (Co-char, Ni-char, Cu-char, Zn-char). The catalytic upgrading caused the lowerExpand
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Self-assembly of carbazole-based dendrimers by solvent vapor annealing: from fibers to spherulites.
  • Z. Ding, R. Xing, +5 authors Y. Han
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • The journal of physical chemistry. B
  • 7 December 2011
The self-assembly behavior of H1-BCz, a first-generation dendrimer with phenyl-carbazole as core and carbazole as dendrons, was systemically studied by solvent-vapor annealing. The morphologies ofExpand
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Variability of Arctic Sea Ice (1979–2016)
This study is based on the daily sea ice concentration data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC; Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), Boulder, CO, USA)Expand
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Dielectric relaxation studies of Bi-doping effects on the oxygen-ion diffusion in La2−xBixMo2O9 oxide-ion conductors
Two dielectric relaxation peaks associated with oxygen-ion diffusion in the oxide-ion conductors La2−xBixMo2O9 (x=0.05, 0.1, and 0.15) have been studied. It is found that the activation energies ofExpand
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Direct synthesis of parallel doped N-MoP/N-CNT as highly active hydrogen evolution reaction catalyst
Doped phosphide is promising in earth-abundant element based catalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER). Here we employ ammonium hypophosphite (NH4H2PO2) to synthesize a novel parallel dopedExpand
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Mechanistic insight into the selective olefin-directed oxidative carbocyclization and borylation by a palladium catalyst: a theoretical study
A mechanistic study of palladium-catalyzed oxidative carbocyclization and borylation of allenes was carried out by using density functional theory (DFT) calculations. A subtle change in the reactionExpand
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Effects of molecular structures and solvent properties on the self-assembly of carbazole-based conjugated dendrimers by solvent vapor annealing
The effects of molecular structures and solvent properties on the self-assembly behavior of carbazole-based conjugated dendrimers by solvent vapor annealing (SVA) were systematically studied.Expand
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Internal friction studies of La2- xBaxMo2O9- δ oxide-ion conductors
Three internal friction peaks (${P}_{L}$, ${P}_{H}$, and ${P}_{C}$) are observed in the Ba substitutedExpand
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