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Ab initio investigation on the high‐temperature thermodynamic properties of Fe3+‐bearing MgSiO3 perovskite
[1] High-pressure (P) and high-temperature (T) thermodynamics and spin transition of Fe3+-bearing MgSiO3 perovskite (Pv) are investigated by means of the internally consistent LDA + U method combinedExpand
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Sn/graphene nanocomposite with 3D architecture for enhanced reversible lithium storage in lithium ion batteries
A general strategy has been demonstrated to achieve optimum electrochemical performance by constructing 3D nanocomposite architecture with the combination of nanosize Sn particles and grapheneExpand
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BIM EL-mediated apoptosis in cumulus cells contributes to degenerative changes in aged porcine oocytes via a paracrine action.
Whether cumulus cells (CCs) contribute to oocyte aging remains controversial; in that regard, little is known about biochemical processes of gene expression in CCs surrounding aged oocytes. TheExpand
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Acetylation of H4K12 in porcine oocytes during in vitro aging: potential role of ooplasmic reactive oxygen species.
Deterioration in the quality of mammalian mature oocytes during metaphase-II (M-II) arrest is called "oocyte aging". Although histone acetylation may affect the progression of aging in murineExpand
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Oocyte-Secreted Growth Differentiation Factor 9 Inhibits BCL-2-Interacting Mediator of Cell Death-Extra Long Expression in Porcine Cumulus Cell1
ABSTRACT Oocyte-secreted factors (OSFs) maintain the low incidence of cumulus cell apoptosis. In this report, we described that the presence of oocytes suppressed the expression of proapoptoticExpand
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Electronic structure of N-doped graphene with native point defects
Nitrogen doping in graphene has important implications in graphene-based devices and catalysts. We have performed the density functional theory calculations to study the electronic structures ofExpand
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First-principles study on the enhancement of lithium storage capacity in boron doped graphene
The adsorption of Li ions on boron doped graphene was investigated using a first-principles method. Our results show that, as boron doping turns graphene into an electron-deficient system, more LiExpand
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Computational support for a pyrolitic lower mantle containing ferric iron
The composition of the Earth’s lower mantle is not well constrained. First-principles calculations support a pyrolitic composition containing ferric iron, suggesting that the upper and lower mantlesExpand
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Theoretical investigation of Möbius strips formed from graphene
First-principle calculations are performed on the formation of graphene Mobius strips and their shape evolution as a function of the strip width. Results show that Mobius strips formed from grapheneExpand
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Mechanism of in situ synthesis of TiC in Cu melts and its microstructures
Abstract In this work, in situ TiC particles reinforced Cu matrix composites were fabricated by melting-casting method. The synthesized mechanism of TiC in Cu melts and microstructures of preparedExpand
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