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Miyoshianines A and B, two new lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia miyoshiana.
Two new Lycopodium alkaloids are isolated from Huperzia miyoshiana (Makino) Ching (Huperziaceae) and their structures were determined by means of spectroscopic techniques. Expand
Serratane-type Triterpenoids from Huperzia Serrata
Sixteen serratane-type triterpenoids including three new compounds, 14β,15β- epoxyserratan-3β,21β,29-triol, and serrat-14-en-3α, 21β,24, 29-tetraol, were isolated from the whole plant of Huperzia serrata (Thunb) Trev. Expand
Triterpenoid constituents of Huperzia miyoshiana
Thirteen triterpenoids, including three new ones, miyoshianols A (1), B (2) and C (3), were isolated from Huperzia miyoshiana. The structures of these new compounds were established asExpand
[Studies on chemical constituents in root of Paeonia sinjiangensis].
Five compounds were obtained from this plant for the first time and their structures were identified on the basis of spectral analysis and their physical-chemical constants. Expand