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Simultaneous strain and temperature measurement using a superstructure fiber Bragg grating
A novel and simple fiber-optic sensor based on a superstructure fiber Bragg grating (SFBG) for simultaneous strain and temperature measurement is proposed and demonstrated. The transmission spectrum
Theoretical Study of a Spinning Triangle with Its Application in a Modified Ring Spinning System
The spinning triangle is a critical area in the spinning process of staple yarns. Its geometry influences the distribution of fiber tension in the spinning triangle and the properties of spun yarns.
In-Shoe Plantar Pressure Measurement and Analysis System Based on Fabric Pressure Sensing Array
An in-shoe plantar pressure measurement and analysis system based on a textile fabric sensor array, which is soft, light, and has a high-pressure sensitivity and a long service life is presented.
Textile-structured electrodes for electrocardiogram
This paper reviews textile-structured electrodes, an interactive textile device, for wearable electrocardiogram (ECG), which will have a profound influence on the health-monitoring practice in the
Well-dispersed chitosan/graphene oxide nanocomposites.
The experimental results indicate that graphene oxide sheets prefer to disperse well within the nanocomposites, compared with the pure chitosan, the tensile strength, and Young's modulus of the graphene-based materials are significantly improved.