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Demethylation of 2,4-dimethoxyquinolines: the synthesis of atanine.
The synthesis of the quinoline alkaloid atanine 6, by selective demethylation of the 2,4-dimethoxyquinoline 11 is presented. An alternative demethylation utilising a thiolate anion leads to theExpand
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Ocean Bottom Seismometer: Design and Test of a Measurement System for Marine Seismology
This paper presents a new Ocean Bottom Seismometer designed to be used in long duration seismic surveys. Expand
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New generation of ocean bottom seismometers
We present the newest development of an ocean bottom seismometer. The equipment represents the achievement of a joint work from different scientific and technological disciplines such as electronic,Expand
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Implementation of fuzzy logic controller for DC/DC converters using field programmable gate array (FPGA)
The implementation of a FPGA based fuzzy controller for DC/DC converters is described in this paper. The fuzzy control developed is evaluated with experimental measurements of the closed loopExpand
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Contributions to model characterization of geophone sensor
In an oceanographic campaign of seismic prospecting it is often needed equipments with geophones to measure the motion of the sea bed. Normally, the signal is weak compared to the noise because theExpand
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Calibration and modelling of a bottom sea geophone based on Virtual Instrument
This development is a characterization of a geophone sensor with a calibrator and a shaker table in order to obtain the significant parameters and to test the proposed equivalent model. The method isExpand
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Virtual instrumentation for power supply harmonic measurement
The work reported here presents a virtual instrument (VI) for total harmonic distortion (THD) measurement index with a high accuracy, this is due to the use of high characteristics windows and DFTExpand
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Real-Time Seismic Data from the Bottom Sea
An anchored marine seismometer, acquiring real-time seismic data, has been built and tested. Expand
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GPIB modular instrumentation system for the transfer function characterization
This paper is focused on a low cost modular instrumentation system achievement. A GPIB interface target using VLSI specialized integrated circuits and several middle-capabilities programmableExpand
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