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Tectonics of the Qinling Belt: build-up and evolution of eastern Asia
The structure and history of the Qinling range, which separates the North and South China cratons, are a key to the tectonic evolution of eastern Asia. The mountain range is composed of a northernExpand
Neogene and Quaternary faulting in and along the Qinling Shan
The structure of the Qinling Shan mountain range (Shaanxi, China) involves major east-south-east strike-slip faults. Field observations made during two expeditions in 1983 and 1984 show that theExpand
Relation between human flu and bird flu
Structural style and deformation sequence of western Junggar, Xinjiang, since Late Paleozoic.
A fault is superposition of crustal strain in different geological history and stress fields. Finding out the development sequence and tectonic stress field is very important for understanding theExpand
( Gastropoda , Stylommatophora : Enidae ) , the continuous-peristomed mountain snails endemic to the eastern slope of the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
In this paper we initiate a taxonomic review of the genus Serina Gredler, endemic to the eastern slope of the QinghaiXizang Plateau, namely S Gansu, SW Sichuan, SE Xizang Autonomous Region and NExpand
Two-step estimation in ratio-of-mediator-probability weighted causal mediation analysis.
This study investigates appropriate estimation of estimator variability in the context of causal mediation analysis that employs propensity score-based weighting. Such an analysis decomposes theExpand
Influence on the Western Modem Design Development of Picasso and Duchamp
The art minds and its behavior of Picasso and Duchamp have greatly promoted the formation and development of modem design in the West.They influenced design differently.The representation form ofExpand
Geological and hydrological conditions of Longyangxia reservoir region are analysed.Relationship between the Gonghe M S7.0 earthquake,1990 and water storage process of the reservoir is studied.TheExpand