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A new species of Manoa Fittkau (Diptera: Chironomidae), with DNA barcodes from Xianju National Park, Oriental China.
The genus Manoa and the tribe Pseudochironomini are recorded from the Oriental region for the first time and the latter associated with the male by standard DNA barcodes. Expand
Polypedilum (Tripodura) harteni Andersen & Mendes (Diptera: Chironomidae) newly recorded from China
Abstract Polypedilum (Tripodura) harteni Andersen & Mendes 2010 is recorded for the first time in China, and the adult male from Zhejiang Province is illustrated. A key to the males of species in theExpand
A review of Microtendipes Kieffer from China (Diptera: Chironomidae)
Five new species of Microtendipes Kieffer from China are described and illustrated as males and the record of M. confines (Meigen) is the first for China. Expand
Review of Dicrotendipes Kieffer from China (Diptera, Chironomidae)
The genus Dicrotendipes Kieffer from China, including 8 species, is reviewed, including two new species, and a key to the males of DicroTendipes in China is given. Expand
Taxonomic review on the subgenus Tripodura Townes (Diptera: Chironomidae: Polypedilum) from China with eleven new species and a supplementary world checklist.
The subgenus Tripodura Townes of Polypedilum Kieffer from China including 26 species is reviewed. Eleven new species, named P. (T.) absensilobum Zhang & Wang sp. n., P. (T.) apiculusetosum Zhang &Expand
A new surface gliding species of Chironomidae: An independent invasion of marine environments and its evolutionary implications
Molecular data suggest that the potential speciation event occurred around 19–29 Ma, linked with a migration from freshwater to seawater ponds along the Pacific Ocean, and place the flightless marine skater in the genus Dicrotendipes. Expand
A new species of Nilothauma Kieffer from China, with a key to known species of the genus (Diptera: Chironomidae).
A new species of the genus Nilothauma Kieffer, N. pandum sp. n., is described, and its morphological descriptions and illustrations are also given. A key to the males of Nilothauma is given. TheExpand
A new species of Polypedilum (Uresipedilum) Oyewo & Sæther, 1998 from Zhejiang Province of Oriental China (Diptera, Chironomidae)
A key to adult males of the subgenus from China is presented and a new species of Polypedilum (Uresipedilum) is described. Expand
In this paper, two new species of Lophodermium on Pinus koraiensis are discribed and three known species of Lophoderniium on Piuns korainensis are recorded. These axe L. maximum B. Z. He et Yang sp.Expand
[Identification of Schisandra sphenanthera and S. chinensis by random amplified polymorphic DNA sequence characterized applied region].
RAPD-SCAR can be used to identify S. sphenanthera and S. chinensis accurately with a good reproducibility and worked to fit them into sequence characterized applied region. Expand