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Prosaposin facilitates sortilin-independent lysosomal trafficking of progranulin
Prosaposin directly interacts with progranulin and facilitates progranulin lysosomal trafficking via the trafficking receptors M6PR and LRP1, independent of the previously identified progranulinExpand
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Acid β-Glucosidase: Intrinsic Fluorescence and Conformational Changes Induced by Phospholipids and Saposin C†
Acid β-glucosidase is a lysosomal membrane protein that cleaves the O-β-d-glucosidic linkage of glucosylceramide and aryl-β-glucosides. Full activity reconstitution of the pure enzyme requiresExpand
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De novo transcriptome sequencing and analysis of Coccinella septempunctata L. in non-diapause, diapause and diapause-terminated states to identify diapause-associated genes
BackgroundThe most common ladybird beetle, Coccinella septempunctata L., is an excellent predator of crop pests such as aphids and white flies, and it shows a wide range of adaptability, a largeExpand
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An analytical echo model for satellite ISAR imaging based on the Kepler orbit
This paper presents an analytical satellite echo model based on Kepler orbit assumption, which can be used for high resolution satellite ISAR imaging analysis. In this model, the relative motionExpand
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A coherent compensation method for multiband fusion imaging
In this paper, a coherent processing method based on valid poles and phase auto-focusing is proposed to compensate the incoherent phases between subbands in multiband radar signal fusion imaging. InExpand
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Why does traditional China education system place less importance on critical thinking than western system? An evaluation of how to implement critical thinking in Chinese education effectively
Critical thinking is often regarded as a fundamental aim and overriding ideal of education. Israel Scheffler suggested critical thinking “is vital important in the conception and organization ofExpand
[MicroRNA target predicition based on SVM and the optimized feature set].
MicroRNA (miRNA) is a family of endogenous single-stranded RNA about 22 nucleotides in length. Through targeting 3' UTR of message RNA (mRNA), they play important roles in post-transcriptionalExpand
Abstract 1840: SapC-DOPS nanovesicles: Acidic lipid domain-targeted agents for cancer therapy
Proceedings: AACR 103rd Annual Meeting 2012‐‐ Mar 31‐Apr 4, 2012; Chicago, IL Introduction: Acidic phosphatidylserine-enriched membrane microdomains (PS-EMMs) are exposed on the membrane surface ofExpand