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Global aspects of pacC regulation of pathogenicity genes in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides as revealed by transcriptome analysis.
Colletotrichum gloeosporioides alkalinizes its surroundings during colonization of host tissue. The transcription factor pacC is a regulator of pH-controlled genes and is essential for successfulExpand
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Regulation of ¯ower development and anthocyanin accumulation in Gerbera hybrida
Summary Anthocyanin accumulation increased with pigmentation during ¯ower growth in Gerbera hybrida. Light is important for both anthocyanin accumulation and ¯ower growth. When in¯orescences wereExpand
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Identification of miRNAs involved in fruit ripening in Cavendish bananas by deep sequencing
BackgroundMicroRNAs (miRNAs) are a family of non-coding small RNAs that play an important regulatory role in various biological processes. Previous studies have reported that miRNAs are closelyExpand
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The role of light in the regulation of anthocyanin accumulation in Gerbera hybrida
In the present work, the pigmentation regulated by light was investigated in ray floret (rf) of Gerbera hybrida. When inflorescences from stage 1 were covered with aluminium foil in vivo theExpand
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First Characterization in China of Encephalitozoon cuniculi in the Blue Fox (Alopex lagopus)
Encephalitozoon cuniculi is a microsporidian parasite that infects a wide range of vertebrates, including primates. It has recently emerged as an opportunistic parasite of patients infected with theExpand
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Mutation of AREA affects growth, sporulation, nitrogen regulation, and pathogenicity in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides.
The GATA transcription factor AreA is a global nitrogen regulator that restricts the utilization of complex and poor nitrogen sources in the presence of good nitrogen sources in microorganisms. InExpand
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Cloning and Characterization of a Flavonol Synthase Gene From Litchi chinensis and Its Variation Among Litchi Cultivars With Different Fruit Maturation Periods
Litchi (Litchi chinensis) is an important subtropical fruit tree with high commercial value. However, the short and centralized fruit maturation period of litchi cultivars represents a bottleneck forExpand
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The Synergistic Effects of Alkaline, Surfactant, and Polymer on the Emulsification and Destabilization of Oil-in-water Crude Oil Emulsion Produced by Alkaline-surfactant-polymer Flooding
The synergistic effects of NaOH, alkylbenzyl sulfonate surfactant, and partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (HPAM) on the emulsification and destabilization of O/W crude oil emulsion produced byExpand
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Evaluation of spore wall protein 1 as an alternative antigen for the diagnosis of Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection of farmed foxes using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
The sequence encoding SWP1 was cloned from the genome of Encephalitozoon cuniculi. Recombinant SWP1 (rSWP1) was expressed in Escherichia coli and used to detect E. cuniculi infections in farmed foxesExpand
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