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Spermatozoon ultrastructure and its systematic implications in fishes
We have studied approximately 280 species spread over more than 100 families. New data on 80 species are reported. The spermatozoon of Chondrichthyes is characterized by two synapomorphies in theExpand
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Peculiarities in the organization of testis of Ophidian sp. (Pisces Teleostei). Evidence for two types of spermatogenesis in teleost fish
The walls of lobules in the testis of Ophidion sp. are composed of Scrtoli cells and young germinal cells (spermatogonia and spermatocytes). Spermatocytes are linked by cytoplasmic bridges. TheExpand
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Spermiogenese comparee des poisons
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Etude ultrastructurale de la spermiogenèse et du spermatozoïde d'un Plathelminthe: Gonapodasmius (Trematoda:Didymozoidae)
The technique of serial sections has been employed to study spermiogenesis and spermatozoon of Gonapodasmius. The zone of differentiation (ZD) shows no centriole-like body and no striated root.Expand
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Demonstration of the orientation of the Cestodes spermatozoon illustrated by the ultrastructural study of spermiogenesis and the spermatozoon of a Cyclophyllidea: Thysaniezia ovilla, Rivolta, 1874.
Spermiogenesis in Thysaniezia ovilla begins with the appearance of a differentiation zone equipped with peripheral microtubules, surrounded by arched membranes and containing two parallel centriolesExpand
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The flagellar apparatus of spermatozoa in fish. Ultrastructure and evolution
  • X. Mattei
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  • 1988
Chondrichthyes posses an evolved type of spermatozoa. Their flagellar apparatus is characterized by the presence of flagellar roots which form the axis of the midpiece, and the existence of one orExpand
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Spermatozoon ultrastructure and phylogenetic relationships in the monogeneans (Platyhelminthes).
Abstract Justine J.-L. , Lambert A. and Mattei X. 1985. Spermatozoon ultrastructure and phylogenetic relationships in the monogeneans (Platyhelminthes). International Journal for Parasitology 15:Expand
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Rinvestigation de l'ultrastructure du spermatozode d'Haematoloechus (Trematoda: Haematoloechidae)
en The threadlike spermatozoon of the frog lung fluke, Haematoloechus, shows two patterns of external ornamentation. The first type is anterior and consists of bristles on the membrane that coincideExpand
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Comparative ultrastructural study of spermiogenesis in monogeneans (flatworms). 2. Heterocotyle (Monopisthocotylea, Monocotylidae)
The mature spermatozoon of Heterocotyle is threadlike and uniflagellate; however, the spermiogenesis exhibits two axonemes. The early zone of differentiation of the spermatid contains two centriolesExpand
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