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Species Catalogue of Orthalicoidea in Argentina (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora)
A catalogue of all available species nomina of Orthalicoidea occurring in Argentina is provided based on examination of primary literature, available revisions and monographs, comparative studies within and among species and revision of museum data, including most type specimens. Expand
First record of the freshwater snail Pseudosuccinea columella (Gastropoda: Lymnaeidae) in southern Pampas (Argentina) and assessment of future spread
The presence of P. columella in southern Pampas for the first time is recorded, extending its distribution more than 500 km southwards and indicates a moderate risk of further spread in central and northwestern Argentina and in coastal areas of the Pacific rim of South America. Expand
The role of macroinvertebrates for conservation of freshwater systems
This work proposes priority areas of conservation including invertebrates, aquatic ecosystems, and their connectivity and land uses, and proposes a spatial prioritization taking into account possible conflict regarding different land uses. Expand
Systematic Revision of Chilina Gray (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from Northwestern Argentina and Description of a New Species
This new species from Tucumán Province is characterized by the shell and a penial morphology that includes pustules and transverse lamellae with irregular contours and longitudinal folds. Expand
Identifying priority areas for invertebrate conservation using land snails as models
Abstract Mollusca is a megadiverse phylum with an estimated number of 70,000–76,000 described species which can inhabit a wide variety of environments. Among them, land snails are a main component ofExpand
The genus Anisancylus Pilsbry, 1924 (Planorboidea, Ancylinae) in South America: species distribution and new records
This freshwater genus shows a disjunct distribution in South America that could be explained by tectonics and evolution of the basins, and additional studies should be performed combining biogeographic and phylogeographic analyses. Expand
Burnupia ingae Lanzer, 1991 (Gastropoda: Hygrophila): Contributions to the Knowledge on Its Morphology and First Records in Rio De Janeiro State, Brazil
Burnupia not only appears to be distinct from the Ancylinae but also from all other representatives of the superfamily Planorboidea (Albrecht et al., 2007), who suggested a new “unnamed clade” for this genus. Expand
Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterobranchia, Ancylidae, Gundlachia radiata (Guilding, 1828): first record of occurrence for the northwestern region of Argentina
The presence of Gundlachia radiata (Guilding, 1828), in northwestern region (Jujuy province), Argentina, is reported for the first time and the distributional range of this species is increased and the species richness of Ancylidae in Argentina is increased. Expand