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Le parler arabe de Salt, Jordanie: phonologie, morphologie et éléments de syntaxe
Etude descriptive du parler arabe de Salt en Jordanie. La description couvre des questions relatives a la phonologie, morphologie et a la syntaxe. Le parler de Salt est un parler de type sedentaire,Expand
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Arabic and Swahili documents from the pre-colonial Congo and the EIC (Congo Free State, 1885-1908): Who were the scribes?
A series of Arabic and Swahili documents dating back to the last decades of the nineteenth century and produced in what is today the democratic Republic of Congo are stored in several museums andExpand
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At the end of 19th century and in the first decade of the 20th century, Arabic was one of the languages used as lingua franca in the Uele Basin as well as in the Redjaf-Lado area, both territoriesExpand
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On the Swahili documents in Arabic script from the Congo (19th century)
Si les documents rediges en kiswahili a l’aide des caracteres arabes provenant d’Afrique de l’Est sont bien renseignes depuis longtemps, qu’il s’agisse de correspondance ou de litterature,Expand
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Sudanese Magical Realism: Another Kind of Resistance to the Colonial/Imperialist Power?
In a postcolonial perspective, magical realism is generally associated with Latin American literary production, even if the works of some African authors writing in English and in French areExpand
Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin : Le Messie du Darfour
« C’etait la seule a Nyala et sans doute meme dans tout le Soudan a s’appeler Abderahman. » Avec son prenom d’homme et sa cicatrice a la joue, terrible signe de beaute, Abderahman est la fille deExpand