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Spatial and seasonal variability of organic carbon transport in the Yellow River, China
Summary In this study, we examined the spatial and seasonal variability in the concentrations of dissolved and particulate organic carbon (DOC and POC) of the Yellow River. Weekly samples of waterExpand
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Cumulative sediment trapping by reservoirs in large river basins: A case study of the Yellow River basin
Abstract Reservoir sedimentation has been a serious problem for reservoir operation and watershed management worldwide, which highlights the importance of accurate estimate of the deposited sedimentExpand
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Using biogeographical patterns of endemic land snails to improve conservation planning for limestone karsts
Abstract Limestone karsts on tropical land masses are considered de facto habitat islands due to their isolation from one another by non-calcareous substrata; this spatial configuration limits geneExpand
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Sediment loads response to climate change: A preliminary study of eight large Chinese rivers
Abstract Climate change characterized by increasing temperature is able to affect precipitation regime and thus surface hydrology. However, the manner in which river sediment loads respond to climateExpand
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Erosion-induced massive organic carbon burial and carbon emission in the Yellow River basin, China
Soil erosion and terrestrial deposition of soil or- ganic carbon (SOC) can potentially play a significant role in global carbon cycling. Assessing the redistribution of SOC during erosion andExpand
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Response of soil organic carbon spatial variability to the expansion of scale in the uplands of Northeast China
Abstract Soil organic carbon (SOC) plays an important role in maintaining and improving soil fertility and quality as well as mitigating climate change. Understanding SOC density spatial variabilityExpand
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Chemical composition of rainwater in the Yulong Snow Mountain region, Southwestern China
We evaluated the chemical composition of rainwater samples in the Mt. Yulong region, southeastern Tibetan Plateau. A total of 176 rainwater samples were collected from Lijiang City and Ganhaizi BasinExpand
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Suspended sediment flux modeling with artificial neural network: An example of the Longchuanjiang River in the Upper Yangtze Catchment, China
Artificial neural network (ANN) was used to model the monthly suspended sediment flux in the Longchuanjiang River, the Upper Yangtze Catchment, China. The suspended sediment flux was related to theExpand
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Sediment flux sensitivity to climate change: A case study in the Longchuanjiang catchment of the upper Yangtze River, China
Abstract Climate change may affect the sediment generation and transportation processes and the consequent sediment flux in a river. The sensitivity of suspended sediment flux to climate change inExpand
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An assessment of the riverine carbon flux of the Xijiang River during the past 50 years
Most Chinese rivers have experienced great changes in discharge and sediment during the past 50 years. This study attempts to examine the long-term dynamics of riverine carbon flux in the XijiangExpand
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