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Changes of gamma-band oscillatory activity to tonic muscle pain
It is well know that phasic pain could induce suppression of alpha oscillations and enhancement of gamma oscillations. However, the cortical responses to tonic pain, especially tonic pain originatingExpand
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Placebo Analgesia Changes Alpha Oscillations Induced by Tonic Muscle Pain: EEG Frequency Analysis Including Data during Pain Evaluation
We examined placebo analgesia-related effects on spontaneous brain oscillations on tonic muscle pain in frontal-central regions of the brain. Expand
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Metabolite Profile of Alzheimer’s Disease in the Frontal Cortex as Analyzed by HRMAS 1H NMR
Background: Investigation on neurochemical changes in the frontal cortex in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and different Apolipoprotein E (APOE) genotypes, using ex vivo solid-stateExpand
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[Diffuse noxious inhibitory controls].
  • B. Zhu, X. Liu
  • Medicine
  • Sheng li ke xue jin zhan [Progress in physiology]
  • 1985
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[The analgesic effect of red nucleus and strengthening effect thereof to the acupuncture analgesia].
The modulation of red nucleus (RN) to pain sense was researched with the latent period of radiant-heat tail flick of rats as standard of the pain threshold. The pain threshold of tail flick reflexExpand
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[Acetylcholine and the primary input of acupuncture sensation--influence of peripheral acetylcholine on the role of electroacupuncture analgesia].
In order to investigate the correlation between the peripheral ACh and the primary input of acupuncture sensation, in the paper the cholinesterase inhibitor--Neostigmine and the ACh synthesisExpand
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[Central mechanism of an extensive analgesic effect due to strong electroacupuncture of acupoint on spinal dorsal horn neurons].
Experiments were performed on male rats. The responses of dorsal horn convergent neurons in spinal cord (T12-L1) to noxious stimulation of hind paw were recorded extracellularly with glassExpand
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[The lesion of somatosensory area II of cerebral cortex reducing the effects of electroacupuncture of "zusanli" on nucleus raphe magnus in rats].
This work was to study the influence of lesion of Sm II on effects of electroacupuncture (EA) upon nucleus raphe magnus (NRM). The experiments were performed on rats. The unit discharges of NRMExpand
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[The role of ear electroacupuncture on arterial pressure and respiration during asphyxia in rabbits].
This paper reports the study of the effect of ear electroacupuncture (EA) inserted in the "Er Jian" point on arterial pressure and integrated phrenic nerve discharge (IPND). The result showed thatExpand
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[The extensiveness and specificity of analgesia of electroacupuncture (EA) at different points on the nociceptive responses of neuron in spinal dorsal horn].
The experiments were performed in anaesthetized rats. The responses of convergent neurons in spinal dorsal horn to noxious stimuli (10mA, 2ms) given at the hindpaw receptive field were recordedExpand