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Chinese nationalism in perspective : historical and recent cases
Preface by William C. Kirby Introduction Nationalism and Society Creating a New Nation, Creating New Women: Women's Journalism and The Building of Nationalist Womanhood during the 1911 Revolution byExpand
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The effect of entrepreneurial context on the performance of new ventures
Purpose – This empirical study aims to test the impact of four types of entrepreneurial context on the growth and success rates of new ventures in China and related the findings to the theory andExpand
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An Unsupervised Method for Evaluating Electrical Impedance Tomography Images
We proposed an unsupervised evaluation method based on a fast fuzzy C-means clustering algorithm. Expand
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Frontier Passages: Ethnopolitics and the Rise of Chinese Communism, 1921-1945
  • X. Liu
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  • 25 November 2003
In this pathbreaking book, Xiaoyuan Liu establishes the ways in which the history of the Chinese Communist Party was, from the Yan'an period onward, intertwined with the ethnopolitics of the ChineseExpand
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Exploring nationalisms of China : themes and conflicts
Foreword by William C. Kirby Preface Discourses of Chinese Nationalism Modern Chinese Nationalism: The Formative Stage by Hong-yuan Chu and Peter Zarrow Intellectual Currents behind ContemporaryExpand
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Establishment of cell clone of lymphoma and a cell line infected with leukemia virus and study on its inducted differentiation
Since 1960, the tumor strains of L6565 viral leukemia, SRS lymphoma and L783 transplantable leukemia were established successively in our laboratory. Recently, derived from the strains of threseExpand
Layer VQE: A Variational Approach for Combinatorial Optimization on Noisy Quantum Computers
We propose an iterative L-VQE approach inspired by VQE for combinatorial optimization on noisy near-term quantum computers. Expand
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