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An edge-based text region extraction algorithm for indoor mobile robot navigation
This paper proposes an edge-based text region extraction algorithm, which is robust with respect to font sizes, styles, color/intensity, orientations, effects of illumination, reflections, shadows, perspective distortion, and the complexity of image backgrounds. Expand
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Automated intelligent video surveillance system for ships
To protect naval and commercial ships from attack by terrorists and pirates, it is important to have automatic surveillance systems able to detect, identify, track and alert the crew on smallExpand
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Integrated Content and Network-Based Service Clustering and Web APIs Recommendation for Mashup Development
We propose an integrated content and network-based service clustering and Web APIs recommendation method for Mashup development. Expand
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Joint Source and Relay Beamforming Design in Wireless Multi-Hop Sensor Networks with SWIPT
We consider a multiple-input multiple-output amplify-and-forward wireless multiple-hop sensor network (WMSN). Expand
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A RESTful framework for Internet of things based on software defined network in modern manufacturing
In this paper, we first analyze the scalability and programming network architectures for Internet of things (IoT) in industries. Then, a representational state transfer(REST) framework for IoT basedExpand
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Joint Offloading and Computing Design in Wireless Powered Mobile-Edge Computing Systems With Full-Duplex Relaying
We propose a multiple-input multiple-output full-duplex relay-based SWIPT-MEC system, which achieves a significant performance gain by comparisons with three benchmark schemes. Expand
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A novel 2D graphical representation of DNA sequences and its application.
In this paper, we introduce a novel 2D graphical representation of DNA sequences, the W-curve, which is embedded in two unit circles. We associate the W-curves with the classifications of theExpand
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Numerical characteristics of word frequencies and their application to dissimilarity measure for sequence comparison.
Sequence comparison is one of the major tasks in bioinformatics, which can be used to study structural and functional conservation, as well as evolutionary relations among the sequences. NumerousExpand
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Deep learning based smart radar vision system for object recognition
The capability of manipulating objects based on vision system are essential to robotic applications. Expand
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Parameters Calibration of Traffic Simulation Model Based on Data Mining
This paper put more road detected information in the process of parameters calibration of traffic simulation model. Expand
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