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A novel N6-substituted adenosine isolated from mi huan jun (Armillaria mellea) as a cerebral-protecting compound.
Successive purification of a crude extract of cultured Mi Huan Jun mycelia, followed by an assay of the effect on complete ischemia in mice, led to the isolation of a new compound with cerebralExpand
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Triterpenoid saponins from the bark of Nothopanax davidii.
Three new triterpenoid saponins were isolated from the alcoholic extract of the bark of Nothopanax davidii. Their structures have been determined on the basis of spectral and chemical data asExpand
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Armillaric acid, a new antibiotic produced by Armillaria mellea.
A new antibiotic armillaric acid (2), has been isolated from the cultured mycelia of Armillaria mella (Vahl. ex Fr.) Quel (Trichlometaceae). Its structure was elucidated on the basis of the spectralExpand
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Yemuoside YM7, YM11, YM13, and YM14: Four Nortriterpenoid Saponins from Stauntonia chinensis.
Four new nortriterpenoid saponins, named yemuoside YM (7) ( 1), YM (11) ( 2), YM (13) ( 3), and YM (14) ( 4), were isolated from STAUNTONIA CHINENSIS Decne. A new prosaponin, named yemuoside YM (16)Expand
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[Studies on the constituents of lateral root of Aconitum carmichaeli Debx. (Fu-Zi). I. Isolation and structural determination of salsolinol].
  • D. Chen, X. Liang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Yao xue xue bao = Acta pharmaceutica Sinica
  • 1 October 1982
From the lateral root of Aconitum carmichaeli Debx., Fu-Zi, which has long been used as one of the most important herbs as a heart stimulant in Chinese medicine, a cardiac and hypertensive principleExpand
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Purification, characterization of two peptides from Buthus martensi Karch.
  • Z. Cao, W. Shen, +5 authors D. Yu
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The journal of peptide research : official…
  • 1 December 2003
A new peptide named Martentoxin I and an analogue Martentoxin were purified and characterized from the venom of Buthus martensi Karch. Martentoxin I consisted of 36 amino acid residues with molecularExpand
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Studies of the synthesis of biomarkers. VII. Synthesis of 5 alpha-(17R,20R)-14,15-secocholestane.
5 alpha-(17R,20R)-14,15-Secocholestane (12) was synthesized from cholesterol (1) in 12 steps. The key intermediate, 5 alpha-cholest-14-en-3 beta-yl acetate (4), underwent ozonization, reduction,Expand
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[Chemical investigation of genus Hedyotis. II. Isolation and identification of iridoids from Hedyotis chrysotricha].
Many species of genus Hedyotis (Rubiaceae) were used as folk medicine for treatment of cold, inflammation, cancer and etc. in China. The alcoholic extract of the whole plant of H. chrysotricha showedExpand
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Senecionine from Gynura segetum.
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Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from the Seeds of Crotalaria sessiliflora.
Crotalaria sesselisora (L.) (Leguminosae) is widespread in Asia (1). The water and alcohol extracts have been used in Chinese folk medicine as antitumor agenls and showed inhibitory activity againstExpand
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