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Intrinsic line shape of the Raman 2D-mode in freestanding graphene monolayers.
We report a comprehensive study of the two-phonon intervalley (2D) Raman mode in graphene monolayers, motivated by recent reports of asymmetric 2D-mode line shapes in freestanding graphene. ForExpand
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Adaptable silicon-carbon nanocables sandwiched between reduced graphene oxide sheets as lithium ion battery anodes.
Silicon has been touted as one of the most promising anode materials for next generation lithium ion batteries. Yet, how to build energetic silicon-based electrode architectures by addressing theExpand
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The dimensionality of Sn anodes in Li-ion batteries
As a potential anode material, tin (Sn) has attracted great attention due to its low cost and its high theoretical specific capacity. However, its electrochemical performance is strongly related toExpand
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Real time obstacle avoidance for redundant robot
Real-time obstacle avoidance for redundant robot is always of consequence in the field of robot research. According to the mechanism of the human arm movement in obstacle avoidance, an artificialExpand
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Carbonaceous electrode materials for supercapacitors.
Supercapacitors have been widely studied around the world in recent years, due to their excellent power density and long cycle life. As the most frequently used electrode materials forExpand
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Nanomaterial-incorporated blown bubble films for large-area, aligned nanostructures
Developing flexible and scalable methods for controlled assembly of nanomaterials remains a critical challenge in nanotechnology. In this article, we review the progress in assembly of nanostructuresExpand
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Encapsulating V2O5 into carbon nanotubes enables the synthesis of flexible high-performance lithium ion batteries
Correction for ‘Encapsulating V2O5 into carbon nanotubes enables the synthesis of flexible high-performance lithium ion batteries’ by Debin Kong et al., Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, 9, 906–911.
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Concise route to functionalized carbon nanotubes
A concise route was developed to functionalize carbon nanotubes via the esterification reaction of the carboxylate salt of carbon nanotubes and alkyl halides in the presence of a phase-transferExpand
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Managing voids of Si anodes in lithium ion batteries.
  • X. Li, L. Zhi
  • Medicine, Materials Science
  • Nanoscale
  • 13 September 2013
The implementation of silicon (Si) in practical lithium ion battery electrodes has been hindered due to its large volume change and consequent structural and interfacial instabilities. CoatingExpand
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Isolation, structural analysis, and expression characteristics of the maize nuclear factor Y gene families.
NUCLEAR FACTOR-Y (NF-Y) has been shown to play an important role in growth, development, and response to environmental stress. A NF-Y complex, which consists of three subunits, NF-YA, NF-YB, and,Expand
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