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Synthesis, part of a Special Feature on Resilience and Vulnerability of Arid and Semi-Arid Social Ecological Systems Vulnerability of Worldwide Pastoralism to Global Changes and Interdisciplinary
Ten case studies from seven major pastoral regions across six continents were studied in this paper by conceptualizing three factors (agro-ecosystem resilience, livelihood options, and institutionExpand
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Stemflow in three shrubs and its effect on soil water enhancement in semiarid loess region of China
Stemflow of three semiarid shrubs (Tamarix ramosissima, Caragana korshinskii and Reaumuria soongorica) and its effect on soil water enhancement were evaluated during the growing season of 2004 andExpand
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Effect of Degradation Intensity on Grassland Ecosystem Services in the Alpine Region of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China
The deterioration of alpine grassland has great impact on ecosystem services in the alpine region of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau. However, the effect of grassland degradation on ecosystem services andExpand
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Differentiating drought legacy effects on vegetation growth over the temperate Northern Hemisphere
In view of future changes in climate, it is important to better understand how different plant functional groups (PFGs) respond to warmer and drier conditions, particularly in temperate regions whereExpand
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The impact of land degradation on the C pools in alpine grasslands of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
AimsTo determine the effect of grassland degradation on the soil carbon pool in alpine grassland.MethodsIn this study, we calculated the carbon pool in the above-and below-ground biomass, the soilExpand
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Adsorption behaviour of dibutyl phthalate on marine sediments.
  • X. Xu, X. Li
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  • Marine pollution bulletin
  • 2008
Laboratory experiments were carried out to investigate the adsorption behaviour of dibutyl phthalate (DBP) on marine sediments collected from five different sites in Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. DBPExpand
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Sedimentary records of natural and artificial Huanghe (Yellow River) channel shifts during the Holocene in the southern Bohai Sea
Abstract Two gravity cores collected off the modern Huanghe (Yellow River) delta in the southern Bohai Sea were analyzed for grain size, the total organic carbon (TOC)/total nitrogen (TN) ratio,Expand
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Collision frequencies of microbial aggregates with small particles by differential sedimentation.
Collision and coagulation rates between microbial aggregates and small particles were measured for individual aggregates (1.0−2.5 mm) that settled through a suspension of fluorescent yellow-greenExpand
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Soil water and temperature dynamics in shrub-encroached grasslands and climatic implications: Results from Inner Mongolia steppe ecosystem of north China
Abstract Shrub encroachment occurs in arid grasslands worldwide, however, little experimental works on shrub encroachment has been conducted in China. Moreover, interactions and feedbacks betweenExpand
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Differences in water-use strategies along an aridity gradient between two coexisting desert shrubs (Reaumuria soongorica and Nitraria sphaerocarpa): isotopic approaches with physiological evidence
Background and aimsUnderstanding the responses of different plant species to changes in available water sources is critical for accurately modeling and predicting species dynamics. Our study aimed toExpand
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